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Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research: Adaptation of CHEPSAA materials by LSHTM / WCRCRHD

In December 2015, faculty from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and West China Research Centre for Rural Health Development (WCRCRHD) ran a short course on health systems research methods in China. This short course drew on CHEPSAA's open access module Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research.

Here, we share key course materials used in the training in China. While some of these are the same as or very similar to CHEPSAA's Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research, the materials also contain adaptations of CHEPSAA's course and entirely new material.

The graphic below highlights some of the most important similarities and differences between CHEPSAA's open access materials and the materials used in the course in China, so that interested educators don't have to work through all the materials themselves.

course comparison

Materials used in China        CHEPSAA's Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research

Course outline; Introduction to Course ProjectLecture 2; Lecture 3; Lecture 4; Lecture 5; Lecture 6; Lecture 7; Lecture 8; Lecture 10; Lecture 11; Session 11

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