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Teaching Resources

These pages contain freely available materials that are being used in universities to teach Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR). The materials include fully-fledged master’s-level courses, which can be used in their current formats or adapted to suit different contexts, case studies from a variety of African settings, videos and reference material.

With the support of you – our colleagues from Africa and around the world - we hope to regularly add to these initial materials in order to build a rich library of resources that can support HPSR teaching by providing content that will inspire HPSR educators and help students to get to grips with this emerging, multi-disciplinary field.

Our objective is to build this library of materials in a collaborative way by tapping into the knowledge and resources of as many networks, organisations and individuals as possible. We therefore encourage you to contact us through this website to:

  • Suggest materials that you would like us to add to the library;
  • Share courses, case studies or other teaching materials that you would like to contribute to the library; and
  • Tell us how you have used and adapted any materials accessed through this website.