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Case Studies: What are they? Why use them? How to write and teach them?

Teaching tips and techniques for HPSR
Although case studies are used in health policy and systems teaching, some educators are not comfortable with case study teaching, while others remain unaware of cases' value in achieving important educational objectives. Even educators who buy into their value and are already using them could benefit from reflection in order to improve their practice. For these reasons, we have developed an accessible and easy-to-navigate guidance document that summarises the educational approach underpin...

Health Policy and Systems New Year Seminars: transforming thinking, opening up windows for change, and building networks in Ghana

CHEPSAA support for HPSR courses
The enthusiasm for health policy and systems work, the capacity to understand and conduct it, and the networks of people and organisations in support of it recently took an important step forward in Ghana with the inauguration of the Health Policy and Systems (HPS) New Year Seminars. The two week long seminar series, which had its maiden run from 18-29 January 2016, brought together from all over the country more than 20 mid-level researchers with the aim of developing capacity for health ...

CHEPSAA course materials debut in China

CHEPSAA support for HPSR courses
In January 2015, CHEPSAA published two open access, master’s-level courses: Introduction to Complex Health Systems and Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research. Since then, these courses have been downloaded from more than 50 countries around the world. Recently, materials from Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research were used in teaching in China. This blog reflects on how the course was structured, how materials were used and adapted and students’ experien...