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CHEPSAA Course Map

CHEPSAA’s courses on the world stage

In January 2015, CHEPSAA released its two open access, masters-level courses: Introduction to Complex Health Systems and Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research. These are complemented by Health Policy Analysis, which was developed earlier, but is now part of the CHEPSAA suite of materials.

These courses are central to CHEPSAA's strategy of helping to build the field of health policy and systems research and analysis in Africa and internationally. They support better and wider learning about health systems and how they work, improved skills in doing health policy and systems research, and strengthened teaching practices.

Over time, educators, researchers and students from around the world have accessed these courses:

  • The red markers represent those organisations that have used one or more of the courses in their teaching, either in their entirety or by drawing on selected materials.

  • The blue markers show the organisational affiliations of those who have viewed or downloaded the courses. We have not yet contacted these users to ask if and how they are using the materials.

We hope to update this map regularly to better reflect how many of those who have viewed or downloaded the courses have used them.