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CHEPSAA to host 2013 annual meeting in Tanzania

The third annual CHEPSAA meeting will take place in Tanzania during March 2013.

Broadly, the workshop will set out:

  • To consolidate and maintain momentum in taking forward CHEPSAA activities
  • To account for CHEPSAA work undertaken in 2012
  • To plan for CHEPSAA activities in 2013-14
  • To deepen networking amongst CHEPSAA partners and with others

GROUP Jbg 2012

Pictured above are some of the CHEPSAA partners attending a previous annual meeting

Partners from universities in South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya are working on CHEPSAA to build the field of health policy and systems research and analysis (HPSR+A) in Africa.

We also work with closely with our European partners from London, Switzerland and Sweden who provide expert guidance and advice about HPSR+A capacity development.

At the workshop, one of our Swiss-based colleagues, Professor Don de Savigny, will be updating us on the latest in systems thinking. We will also break for a journal club meeting where all partners will critique a set of key HPSR+A journal articles and exchange ideas about how best to approach key health policy and system challenges.

The five-day workshop is structured around strategic activities aimed at maximising knowledge exchange and field building. Highlights include presentations by African partners where they will reflect on how the field of HPSR+A has been developing in their organisation and progress with CHEPSAA-funded activities.

In line with CHEPSAA's broader consortium goals of improved networking and improved course development, we will also have regional and international networking updates and rich discussions about developing an ‘Introduction to Health Systems and Policy’ course.

Although it is not possible to specify future outputs, we would like you keep in mind that there will be outputs that we will post on our website, which are likely to benefit you.

For example, we are developing freely available courses which you can use in teaching or learning. We are documenting organisational experiences about which you can read.

We have also been hard at work in coming up with what key competencies a budding HPSR+A researcher should have. These competency profiles will be shared on this website.

There are other activities and outputs we are working on so stay tuned to CHEPSAA by subscribing to our RSS feeds or following us on Twitter. We are committed to the open access movement, so as soon as we can, we will make more of our materials available. For now, why not view some of our reports and presentations? Or download free teaching materials (not developed by CHEPSAA)?

CHEPSAA is an EU-funded project and is led by Professor Lucy Gilson.