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CHEPSAA convenes curriculum development workshop in Ghana

A workshop was convened during August 2012 at the University of Ghana’s School of Public Health to share knowledge, skills and materials about curriculum development (these skills were gained from another CHEPSAA workshop held earlier in the year in Cape Town).


Specifically, the workshop objectives aimed: 
1. To present, discuss and assess relevance and applicability to UG-SPH MPH curricula development and revision theory related to learning, assessments and curriculum development
2. To initiate discussions on the process of applying the theory to analyze and as indicated review the MPH courses we teach 
3. To initiate discussions on the process of harmonizing the core courses taught in the MPH curriculum by the different departments to complement and work together to achieve common agreed student competencies and learning outcomes

Public health departments attending the workshop and group discussions included:

  • Health Policy Planning and Management
  • Epidemiology and disease control
  • Biostatistics (includes the health informatics group)
  • Social and Behavioral science
  • Biological environmental occupational and health sciences
  • Family and Reproductive health

Group work focused on the application of the theory to the Masters in Public (MPH) health programmes at the University of Ghana. The MPH is a program all departments in the school have in common, and is also a program in which Health Policy and Systems Research and Analysis (HPSR&A) is a core part.  

A core output of the workshop was the creation of a draft statement of a Proposed Charter of Graduate Attributes (i.e., Critical thinking and analysis; team work and multi-disciplinarity; communication and leaderships skills).

More details are available in the report.