CHEPSAA seeks to stimulate thinking about curriculum development

The Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa (CHEPSAA) has just finalised a document through which it aims to present ideas and stimulate wider thinking and debate in Africa about sound principles and practice in curriculum development in the field of Health Policy and Systems Research and Analysis (HPSR+A).

CHEPSAA is a consortium funded by the European Union with the overall aim of extending sustainable African capacity to produce and use high quality health policy and systems research by harnessing synergies among African and European universities. The consortium comprises 7 African and 4 European universities.

In the context of its overall aim, the development of quality courses and training materials, capacity-building of and support for educators, and the training of future practitioners (including researchers, health system managers and policy-makers) have been important themes in CHEPSAA’s work.

To support the development of quality courses and training materials in the HPSR+A field, CHEPSAA has held two curriculum development workshops – the first in 2012 and the second in 2013 - in which partners worked on developing curricula for two post-graduate HPSR+A courses. In addition, these workshops were in themselves opportunities for partners to develop their understanding of and skills in curriculum development. During the process, the CHEPSAA partners therefore discussed and gained skills and experience in curriculum development practice while working on the content of the two new courses.

Given the relatively limited African-based training in this field, CHEPSAA is seeking to share its work and so stimulate other African organisations involved in HPSR+A training to review and re-develop their own educational activities.

The just-finalised document reflecting CHEPSAA’s ideas and experiences is entitled Principles and practice of good curriculum design and contains information on curriculum design theory and principles, guidelines on the process of curriculum design, reflections on CHEPSAA’s experience of curriulum design in its workshops, and references to useful readings.

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CHEPSAA welcomes any feedback on this document, which can be provided via the comment function embedded in this article, by contacting CHEPSAA through this website or by interacting with CHEPSAA via Twitter (@hpsa_africa).